SEO Consulting 

It Isn’t Rocket Science, But It’s Still a Science

Achieve higher rank and attract more customers with transparent and actionable advice that cuts through the jargon and provides measurable results.

Regardless of what stage you’re at, I can help.

Immediate Insights. Meaningful benchmarks. Right from the start.

Yes – digital marketing in general, and SEO in particular, take time for their results to show on an P&L ledger. Rank gains don’t happen overnight and, even if they did, achieving top rank for your targeted phrases won’t instantly transform your business. But, when (technical) SEO is done properly, you should see immediate, positive progress with indicators that show you are on the right path (e.g. 404 errors and bounce rates will decrease, impressions and crawl rates will increase).

I shoot for results right from the start.


“I’ve known Vincent for about ten years. Back when I was a CMO, I hired him to help guide the SEO and marketing automation for my company. The results were remarkable. Vincent knows more about search algorithms and marketing automation than anyone I know.”

– J. Mitchem, CMO
Boxman Studios

Instead of trapping you into a long-term commitment, I offer pay-as-you go SEO consulting. Because SEO is a long play that requires attention and pliability at every stage. And I want you to be happy.

SEO Strategy

Nothing happens without the right strategy. I build one based exclusively on your organization’s tech and capabilities.

Keyword & Competitor Research

Discover the search terms that potential customers are typing into Google while learning from your online rivals.

Technical SEO Audits

Spot hidden problems and set the foundation for growth by improving site structure, visibility, and speed.

Site Crawl & Structured Data

Ensure the web showcases your business the way you intended by monitoring and improving how Google crawls your site.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Track the value and progress of your SEO strategy with reports, dashboards, and analysis.

Link Building & Audits

Leverage your best content to attract links from reputable sources and sculpt your site links to improve ranks.

Where I’m Most Useful

In general: anywhere there’s a problem to be solved. With SEO specifically: it’s the space between your organization’s content creators and web development team. This allows me to identify important content that attracts customers. I then utilize SEO best practices to highlight that content and thus achieve higher visibility (and sales) for your website.

Past Work

Leveraging Content to Grow Subscriptions

Inventors Digest

Inventors Digest is a monthly print magazine that educates and inspires individual and professional inventors and innovators by delivering useful, entertaining and cutting-edge articles. They are are in their 32nd year of publication, making them one of the longest running magazines dedicated to the topic.

The problem: Inventors Digests’ readership was aging and subscriptions were not being renewed efficiently: the only way to renew was a mailed in postcard or a phone call.

The solution: I completely redesigned and added a membership system that securely processed credit cards and tracked subscriptions. I also instituted a rigorous content publishing schedule that utilized articles from past issues. Content and postings were structured so Google News would pick them up. Posts were then shared on ID’s social media channels. I also instituted an email marketing campaign to past subscribers that had not renewed. 

The results: Organic search traffic became the number one traffic source and daily visitors grew over 1,000%. From less than 30/day in Jan-2017 to over 350/day by Jan-2019. The email campaign tripled past renewal rates. Furthermore, the website’s payment portal has become the top method for new subscriptions as well.