Digital Marketing Consulting

Put my years of agency and in-house experience to work for you.

The digital marketing landscape is littered with service solutions and agencies that promise to be the cure-all. But, because every organization has unique needs and capabilities, there is simply no such thing. You need the right mix.

I match your organizational requirements with the right strategy, tactics and, if needed, agency services.

Digital marketing services focused on provable, replicable results.

Whether you need a one-time consultation, or a comprehensive marketing campaign, I’m ready to do what is necessary to help.

“Vince is strong in all aspects of marketing and was a valuable asset to the team for his proficiency in SEO and digital marketing, while keeping a broad understanding of how all marketing channels should intertwine for success. He’s creative and willing to do what it takes to help move an organization forward, even if it means switching hats from time-to-time.”

– J. Recomendes, VP of Marketing Services
Enventys Partners

Pay-as-you-use pricing guarantees performance is baked-in.

Digital Strategy

Before the research even begins, you need a winning strategy that matches your organization’s technology and capabilities. 

Digital Analytics & Goal Tracking

Find the search terms that potential customers are typing into Google while learning from your online rivals.

Lead Generation

Spot hidden problems and set the foundation for growth by improving site structure, visibility, and speed.

Local & Location-Based Marketing

Have a physical location or area of service? Make sure your business gets noticed by customers near you.

Marketing & Sales Automation

Ensure the web sees your business the way you intended by monitoring and improving how Google crawls your site.

Systems Integration

Stop entering data more than once. Utilize APIs to move data between systems with less effort while reducing errors.

Multi-Channel Advertising

Stay top-of-mind with targeted advertising across search, display, native, email, and social media.

Search Engine Optimization

Leverage your best content to attract links from reputable sources and sculpt your site links to improve ranks.

Salesforce & Pardot

Scale efficiently while reducing errots by automating administrative, sales and marketing tasks. 

Where I’m Most Useful

In general, anywhere there’s a problem to be solved. With digital marketing specifically: it’s at the top of your organization’s structure so I can assess your capabilities and set clear goals. This allows me to design meaningful analytics reports and dashboards from the start so the strategies and tactics we deploy are attributed and replicable.

Recent Work

Unifying Two Complex Businesses with a Single Strategy

Enventys Partners

Enventys Partners is the result of a 2016 merger between Enventys (a product development company) and Command Partners (a crowdfunding and ecommerce digital marketing company).

The problem: Individually, each company had a clear, and concise value proposition but, combined, it became confusing. Potential clients either thought they had to use all of the services or tried to get their product develop projects paid with speculative crowdfunding campaigns. Further muddying the picture was the vast difference between client life-cycles (a crowdfunding engagement typically lasts 3-4 months while product development projects can extend for years). This confusion was mirrored in Google’s search rankings as the front page competed against three different industries.

The solution: Research indicated that, while Enventys Partners’ services complimented each other extremely well, very few (if any) clients needed all of those services at once. Armed with that data, I redirected the marketing strategy away from a “all-in-one” solution and instead forced potential customers to segment into product development, crowdfunding, or ecommerce marketing. I also introduced a unifying theme, consumer packaged goods, and developed a content strategy and segmented the website to help improve search visibility.

The results: Confusion between the services was eliminated. This was evident in a more streamlined lead process where potential customers entered the sales funnel more informed about how Enventys Partners could help their improve, launch, or sell their consumer product. Organic traffic increased as the individual service pages (for product development, crowdfunding, and ecommerce marketing) began to outrank the website’s front page for their respective terms.