Analytics + Empathy

Those two words are core to my identity and central to my problem-solving process. I look for patterns and then observe them from as many relevant viewpoints as possible. Whether working as a marketer, consultant or educator, I share ownership of the problem and make it mine.

I’ve always worked in technology and started my career as a Call Center Analyst (and later a Programmer Analyst) for BCBS of GA while attending college.  Even then, I was constantly working myself out of jobs. I’d find the repetitive tasks that made peoples’ job miserable and automated them. I loved seeing how this nerdy stuff could make people happier by making their jobs easier.

Fast-forward to today and I’m still working myself out of jobs…this time at Rack Room Shoes in Charlotte where I’m their Marketing Systems Architect. It is pretty damn close to my dream job; I’m working with smart, driven people who treat each other like family and listen to learn. 

And, when I automate myself out of a job, I’m given a new problem to solve!

    My Mission

    To grow, learn, and inspire others to do the same through good works.

     Drive with Data

    The best ______ is an informed one. That’s true for clients, campaigns, strategies, tactics, efforts, relationships…and pretty much everything else.

    Amaze, Delight & Inspire…and Be Human

    We all have strengths and weaknesses. The best solutions occur when we learn how our individuality fits with the whole. We all belong somewhere. We can all contribute.

    Do Well While Doing Good

    You can’t pour from an empty cup. I will do good work that benefits my clients and enriches my family so we can continue to effect positive change.

    Embrace the Assymetric

    Perfection in a changing world is impossible. Things don’t always line up and it is left to us to make sense of things.

    Your Problem is My Problem

    Empathy is key to helping clients. Don’t jump ahead to the solution without understanding the problem thoroughly.

    Always be Learning

    Everything changes. Acquiring knowledge and learning to use it allows me to adapt.

    Be Thankful

    As long as I wake up, I have a chance to improve. Recognize and acknowledge the people in my life that make it possible and treat every setback as a learning experience.

    Be Agile and Have the Best Intentions

    Launch first with your best intentions. Improve later when you have the empathy and analytics to inform your efforts. Alberto Savoia understands and has even started/written a book on the concept.

     Want to know more?

    What I Can Do For Your Organization

    My work focuses primarily on sales and marketing with an emphasis on technology-based solutions. I deliver those services via a framework I call the four A’s:

    • Analytics – I improve data collection and analysis systems so decision makers have access to the information they need
    • Attribution – Know what channels and content are converting visitors into leads and leads into closed sales
    • Automation – Move potential leads through the sales funnel and streamline complex business processes automatically
    • Adoption – No solution will last without organization-wide buy-in. I provide training, tutorials, and periodic check-ins to aid adoption and retention.

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