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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really just you?

Yes. I’m a one-man shop and I don’t outsource. But, if I can’t solve your problem, chances are I know someone who can. If that happens, I will be upfront and honest by telling you and making the introduction.

Are you available for full-time hire?

If the glass shoe fits, yes. But why not try before you buy and utilize my consulting services to make sure we’re a good fit?

Do you know ESP?

If you mean Email Service Providers like Pardot, MailChimp, or SendGrid…most certainly!

Do you offer additional services besides those described here?

Yes but Digital Marketing Strategy, Technical SEO and Salesforce Implementation are the core proficiences that I’ve decided to focus on. I’ve run an agency team that handled all aspsects of digital marketing including PPC/Display, Social Media, Email, and Content Marketing

Do you work with other CRMs besides Salesforce?

Yes. I have extensive experience with Pipedrive and Infusionsoft where I have implemented large-scale, sophisticated sales and marketing programs. I’m also proficient at Hubspot (albeit to a lesser degree).

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. Check out my LinkedIn profile. Any company I’ve worked for in the past will vouch for me. I’ve never left a job on bad terms. In fact: I’m still a silent owner at Enventys Partners and they have yet to take my building keys or alarm code.