Education and failure have always been core to how I approach problems. Knowledge acquisition and retention are crucial to longterm organizational success. That’s true whether we’re discussing a lead, customer, employee, or partner.

Meaningful relationships don’t exist without shared knowledge.

As for failure’s role: we fail, learn, and grow real solutions born from experimentation. If we are afraid of failure, we either don’t experiment or don’t tell anyone else unless we’re successful.

Fear of failure discourages risk taking and sharing.

This blog is my safe zone; here to help me retain both the joys of discovery and lessons of defeat. The “hello world” blog post and firstCode meme is a well-cooked trope. I hope you like my twist on it and stick around for the journey.

My outline for the next week

  • Finish content pages for technical seo, digital marketing, and about pages
  • Optimize/SEO the site
  • Document the process and run Mark through it
  • Post on a cool sfdc automation I did with ms flow
  • Post on gaining confidence with sfdc
  • Get Jim to review everything
  • Officially publish/announce website

You can also expect posts on the following topics

  • Salesforce projects and certifications
  • (re)Learning to code – Python & Java/Apex
  • Failure